Micro-credit Goat Distribution

Under the joint sponsorship of Business Professional Women of Patan and Friends of Nepal-New Jersey, 20 goats were recently distributed to families living in villages outside of Kathmandu. It brings me great pleasure to report on the success of the Micro-credit Goat Distribution and to know that the reciprocal nature of this program will continue to grow with each generation of newborn goats.

On Sunday December 11, I walked into the villages with the intention of getting a photograph of each goat with its new owner. This intention highly underestimated the agility of young and hungry goats, as well as the availability of village women to attend the full length of our ceremony before returning to the fields to work and graze their animals. In the end, I was still able to squeeze out some great photographs.

Thank you to everyone who supported the first round of this program and sponsored a goat. Each kid (baby goat) which is born of these newly distributed goats will feed on its mother for a minimum of three weeks and then be given in turn in the next round of micro-credits. More information to follow, but in the meantime, enjoy the pictures.

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  1. Silvi Joshi said:

    Hats off friend. you present it very beautifully.

  2. Nita Patel said:

    Wonderful photos, great job

  3. Brian Tucker said:

    Your pictures (and this work) really inspired me tonight. Great job!

  4. Dhruba M. Pradhan said:

    Great Work, philanthropic work contribution to the poor villagers of Nepal from USA to uplift their livelihood

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